Launching SamosaPOS

Revolutionary Smart merchant tool by Mosambee (Patent Pending)

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Awesome Features

SamosaPOS is the world's first smart merchant tool, shaped like a calculator, combining affordability, utility and simplicity.


Smart Calculator

SamosaPOS is a calculator that is also a billing tool, a digital payment machine, a mobile app, a QR code Sticker & a Khata Book of all your customers.


Tons of Payment Options

SamosaPOS is most versatile payment machine with support for payment options like cash, card, wallet, UPI, QR with SMS pay option.


Sleek and Smart

Within the form factor of a regular calculator, SamosaPOS can deliver all POS features without the bulk or addons like a mobile phone or tablet.


Power of Android

SamosaPOS runs on the most popular smartphone OS - Android. Directly check all your transaction history and connect to the internet using Wifi or SIM card without a mobile phone.

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Because words are too boring for a super cool product like SamosaPOS

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